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Our History

Springdale Automatics was launched in June of 1997 in a small shop with two Tornos multi-spindle screw machines in Jackson, MI. The company was founded by co-owners Ronald L. Ball and Harvey Smith, who both believed in the capability of Tornos to achieve high-volume precision machining at an unbeatable price.

Quickly, the Ball family became the sole owners, and in 2002, the company was incorporated and relocated to a larger facility in Addison, MI. Even the economic downturn of 2008 did not stop their continued growth, due in part to a firm policy of remaining debt-free, while paying vendors immediately. The purchase of additional Tornos made it necessary for a further move to the company's present expansive facility in Osseo, MI, where it has been located since December of 2012.

Springdale Automatics carries a low overhead burden, as it remains solvent with no mortgage. This is good for both the company and customers alike. Springdale does not need to increase prices to pay for excess waste. As a result, the company is able to benefit both employees and customers.

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Who We Are

We are proud to provide strong companies with products that are created in Southeast Michigan. Springdale is family-operated, and includes a stable work-force with no union. As a potential customer, your company's needs will receive first-hand attention from us. In fact, your parts must pass our personal approval in the quality department. It is our aim for Springdale's standard and high-volume capabilities to meet your price requirements. We believe this to be the caliber of manufacturing that made America great.


Since 2011, we have manufactured over 50,000,000 pieces of the '531' component with zero rejects at the assembly plant. The part is small (3mm) and is highly contoured. After 23,000,000 of these components, Springdale was awarded the Platinum Partner Award from our customer for this accomplishment. More awards have followed, and the '531' is continuing to be produced today at a capability of 400,000 pieces per week.

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News and Publications

Springdale Automatics, Inc., was awarded with the Cardinal Group’s 2012 Platinum Partner Award during an open house at it’s new location Friday. Hillsdale Daily News


"I can’t say enough about Springdale Automatics," said Tracy McCullough, president and CEO of the Cardinal Group. "They are an outstanding, strategic partner."